Your Work Matters

Your works matters. Yes, yours. You burger-flippers, night-shifters, and middle managers. You just-graduated-college-and-drowning-in-a-sea-of-corporate-cubicles-ers. Many followers of Jesus live under the illusion that their work is not as important and God-honoring as the work of a pastor or missionary. I think if we are honest, we all feel this way at times. No matter what we […]


Red Fish, Blue Fish

One fish, poisonous fish. Ok, so it doesn’t rhyme. But it’s easier to pronounce than Tetraodontidae, which is the subject of my blog post today. Also known as the Puffer fish. The Japanese use it to make Fugu, a thin, translucent dish often served on porcelain plates. Fugu is the second most deadly food in […]


Easy. Comfortable. Safe.

This is it. I wish I could post this quote every week for a year. There’s so much punch packed into these simple words. Easy. Comfortable. Safe. If you don’t require the journey to be easy or comfortable or safe, you can change the world. – Seth Godin Save it. Print it. Frame it. Live […]


King of America

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Frank Underwood intends to find out. This question, made popular by the Netflix original series House of Cards, actually has a simple answer. At least for one former British major in the French and Indian war. No. Two hundred and twenty years ago today, Washington’s farewell address was printed in […]


Guest Post: Stuck on a Subway

If you’re ever riding the New York subway and the conductor says, “this is the last stop,” it’s probably a good idea to get off. I know it’s not the most intuitive thing in the world, but it’s true nonetheless. I had to learn the hard way. Today’s blog is a guest post by Caleb […]


Know Yourself

Fall is around the corner and with it returns the glorious traditions of college football.  The Dawgs kicked off with a hard-fought game against #22 UNC at the Georgia Dome on Saturday. A 33-24 final gave Kirby Smart a win in his first game as the head coach of his alma mater. While I still […]

20160905 Know Yourself

Character vs. Morality

After last week’s post I had a couple friends point out examples of dynasty-making athletes who don’t seem to possess the character John Wooden was talking about. Certainly true. And the examples of bad behavior abound. From doping scandals to fake robberies, deflated footballs to sore losers, the morality of many athletes is often called […]

20160829 Character vs Morality

Back to Back

From Reece’s to Bruins, this week I wrap up my impromptu Olympic series with a quote from John Wooden and a story about the longest-running dynasty in the world. Not basketball. Not soccer. Not beach volleyball or swimming. Rowing. More specifically, the women’s coxed eight. The US Women’s boat has won three consecutive gold medals […]

20160822 Back to Back

Like a Winter Olympian

This week I’m continuing my Olympic-themed series with a Reece’s commercial. They connect, I promise. And no, this isn’t about how to pronounce Reece’s. (It’s a possessive name and it rimes with pieces, not feces.) Ok. First, watch this. Hilarious! Who wouldn’t love to do summer like a winter Olympian? The commercial stars Lindsey Vonn, […]

20160815 Like a Winter Olympian

Rio Olympics!

I love the Olympics. About a week ago I spent several hours diving down the rabbit hole of Olympic facts and trivia. The modern games are full of stories about upsets, long shots, and made-for-movie miracles. Enjoy! Until three days ago, three continents – Africa, South America, and Antarctica – had never hosted an Olympic […]

20160808 Olympic Facts