Just Don’t Lose!

It’s halftime. You’re in the locker room and your coach is giving a speech. “Don’t mess this up,” he says. “Take no unnecessary risks and play it safe.” He emphasizes his conclusion, “Whatever you do, don’t lose the game!” Sounds a bit odd, right? At least on a football field it is. But isn’t this […]

A 1917 Billionaire

We live in an extraordinary time. This was never made so clear to me as it was a couple weeks ago when I read a period piece on John D. Rockefeller. The question was posed in the introduction: What is the minimum amount of money that you would be willing to accept to go back […]

Thanksgiving and Praise Day

When President Lincoln established the national holiday of thanksgiving in 1863, he originally called it, “A day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” We’ve understandably shortened the name since then, but it is worth remembering that there is an object of our thanks-giving. Seventy four years earlier, when […]

500 Years

I had to skip over the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses publication last week for an urgent message about Georgia football… In the 16th century Christianity was in trouble. The Roman Catholic Church refused to let the Bible be translated into the common tongues of the people, preached that good works would lead […]


What’s the mark of a good commercial? What defines an ad’s success? Online views? Click through rate? Generated web traffic? New sales? I think it’s time we set a new standard. I was down in St. Simons with friends for the Georgia-Florida (get the order right) game this weekend.  An ad came on showing fans […]


Which side of your teeth do you start with when you brush them? Haven’t thought about it lately? But I’d wager like me, you follow the same path every day. We automate tasks all the time. From repetitive, mundane tasks like emptying the dishwasher to navigating our route to work and even the “How was […]

Help Wanted

99% of all commercials we see on television are direct to consumer sales or promotions. We’re sold everything from luxury cars to razors, but it’s very rare to see any commercial that doesn’t end with a price tag. While so called “Brand Building” ads are rare, they do happen. The P&G “Thank You, Mom.” campaign […]

The Back vs. The Bottom

This is one of the great debates in life (I say somewhat sarcastically). But let me explain… I was recently building a couple light boxes for work (3’ x 4’ tables with interior lights shining up through layers of frosted glass). I’ve finished constructing the box and wiring it up and I decide to finish […]

Engineering a Miracle (Part 2)

Two weeks ago we looked at the Miracle on the Hudson and discovered that miracles rarely “just happen”. Often, they are engineered. Captain Sullenberger said it was the 42 years of small deposits in the bank of experience, education, and training that allowed him to make such a big withdrawal on that fateful day. Today, […]


This week we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a short case study on perspective. If you watched the controversial ending to the Falcons vs Lions game yesterday, you probably already know where I’m going with this. The Lions are driving with less than two minutes to go. Down by four, a […]