I’m not an author.

I’m not a world-famous speaker.

I’m not a CEO.

I’m a kid. (Well technically a ‘young adult’ now but that doesn’t really count when you still play with these.)

So why do I have a blog? Because every thought that pops into my mind deserves your undivided attention, duh. Pretentious much?

Every time I write a blog post about something it becomes clearer in my own mind. When someone asks, I’m better able to articulate my thoughts on fake grass, dining halls, IKEA, and Ashton Kutcher.

Mainly I blog because I believe in this quote.

People grow into the conversations you create around them.

– Chris Carneal

I believe in conversations. In a perfect world (and hopefully in heaven someday), we can have full conversations about every idea on this blog.

For now, we’ll have to settle for this. I hope they spark conversations worth continuing.

To start, I’ve compiled some of my favorite posts.

Faith & Work

  1. What is God’s Will For My Life?
  2. You Should Not Become a Missionary
  3. A Nazarene Carpentry Shop

Business & Marketing

  1. 10 Secrets to Your Twenties
  2. Three Ways to Succeed at Your First Job
  3. Visioneering by Andy Stanley

God & Grace

  1. Artificial Turf
  2. The Story of a Dining Hall
  3. Why This Waste?