Booster U

This week is Booster University. The one time our entire full-time team comes together in Atlanta to prepare to make the next school year our best yet!

Every year around this time I’m reminded of the first time I heard about Booster, now 7 years ago. I was a Junior in college, working a summer job for a church in North Atlanta.

Some company had rented the basement youth room for a week of meetings and I was leading the production team to assist them.

They came in like a hurricane (or a wrecking ball). Wild, crazy and fun. Young and enthusiastic.

I’ll never forget crowd-surfing rookies and guest speakers alike off the stage after they’ve been introduced. (An HR headache that has since shifted to giant ball pits, Velcro walls, and other equally ridiculous ideas.)

Each year we gather together to train and get better at our jobs, but also to reinforce our culture. To grow into our values as a company. Integrity, enthusiasm, leadership, results, and community.

I love that this event is “49% Training and 51% Culture.” Because in the experience economy it’s not enough to have a good business model…

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

– Peter Drucker