That’s The Day

I keep a folder of saved quotes and speeches on my computer and last week I rediscovered this from Passion City Church pastor Louie Giglio, originally posted on Instagram. It beautifully interweaves this millennial need for meaning and purpose with a timeless message of moment-by-moment faithfulness.  Get ready. For young leaders… A day is coming […]

Your Work Matters

Your works matters. Yes, yours. You burger-flippers, night-shifters, and middle managers. You just-graduated-college-and-drowning-in-a-sea-of-corporate-cubicles-ers. Many followers of Jesus live under the illusion that their work is not as important and God-honoring as the work of a pastor or missionary. I think if we are honest, we all feel this way at times. No matter what we […]

Fix Your Eyes

On the Monday after Easter I’ve often written about how Christians can take the joy, freedom, and final victory of Easter Sunday with them into their daily routine on Monday. If we believe Jesus was crucified and raised to life for us, it changes how we live every day. The entire Bible pivots on one […]

Guest Post: Rock Star Entrepreneurs

I was sitting behind a blue Prius at a traffic light when my eye caught the bumper sticker: “Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars.” Today’s blog is a guest post by Chris Chancey. Chris is the Southeast Development Representative for HOPE International and the founder of Amplio Recruiting. Chris holds an MA from Denver Seminary and […]

The Lion, The Witch, and The Christians

Last night Katie and I went to a play based on that classic Narnia tale by C. S. Lewis. The play was well done and we loved it (still playing at the Alliance Theatre). The original script was adapted to be played by only two characters, though this version had a handful more used as […]

What is God’s Will For My Life?

What is God’s will for my life? That’s the ubiquitous question young Christians are asking today. But even as recently as ten years ago, the question was, “What do I want to do with my life?” Millennials thought that was too selfish. We want more than ever to be caught up in something bigger than […]

Enjoy Your Work

Solomon, David’s son and the third king of Israel, was known for being richer and wiser than any other king in history. The story of how he came to be so wise is repeated in every generation. Solomon had a dream in which the Lord appeared to him and asked “What would you like me […]

Building Tomorrowland Today

In last week’s post, I explored the optimism and human ingenuity that built Disney’s Tomorrowland. The movie celebrates innovation, initiative, and courage. Underlying its central plot is a grand assumption about the future: We can reach the Tomorrowland of our dreams by building a better society today. In Skye Jethani’s Futureville, he says that how […]

The Tension Is Good

In 2010 pastor Andy Stanley spoke that sentence to over 15,000 young leaders at a conference in Atlanta. It was one of those rare moments where the right words, spoken at the right time… made absolutely no sense. At least not to me. How could a tension be good? A tension is something that creates […]

Highlights from the 2105 ONE2 Conference

We often think our work only matters if we’re in full-time ministry, going overseas to do missions, or running a para-church organization. But, the truth is, all work matters to God. He has wired us with certain gifts and talents and, regardless of what passions He has placed in our hearts, He is for us […]