Chief of Staff

After his stint as Jack Bauer on the TV show 24, Kiefer Sutherland moved on to be Tom Kirkman, the shy, reserved, nonviolent Secretary of Housing and Urban Development on the show Designated Survivor which aired this spring.

In the show, the Capitol building is attacked during the State of the Union and it’s up to Kirkman to rebuild the government.

He’s unpopular, unelected, and tasked with building a coalition to lead America through a constitutional crisis.

Note: There’s a minor spoiler below.

Early in the season, Kirkman looks to appoint his Chief of Staff. A most trusted advisor for any President.

The choice is between two candidates: Emily, who’s been with him since he first ran for office. She knows him well, he trusts her, and they think a lot a like.

The other option is Aaron, a Washington insider who’s ambitious and often disagrees with both Emily and the President when making decisions.

Watch it for yourself…

It’s easy for your inner circle to get caught up in groupthink.

I love the idea of surrounding yourself with people who don’t think like you, especially when you have power or authority.

Though it feels good to be told you’re right all the time, you often don’t need more of the same perspective in your life. You need honest friends and colleagues who aren’t afraid to tell you what they actually think.

And you need to ask them to speak up.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.


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