Hard Work

Game three of the NBA Finals. Warriors have won the first two games so now, back in Cleveland, it’s a must-win game for the Cavs. Though the Warriors’ high powered offence got off to a fast start, the Cavs battled back to take the lead, thanks in large part to a heroic effort by Lebron James.

That’s when, in the middle of the third quarter, one of the announcers made this comment about Lebron:

“When you compete this hard, you deserve good things to happen to you.”

The comment was innocent enough (we’ve heard announcers make much greater fools of themselves). So I’m not trying to pick on this comment specifically but it does provide some backdrop for a blog post.

Does Lebron, one of the greatest basketball players of all time (avoiding that argument like the plague), “deserve” good things to happen to him?

Do we, after working hard enough, deserve victory?

Do we want a “god” to dish out success in life based on our merits? I sure hope not. Or should the Warriors have backed off guarding Lebron and let him score because he worked hard enough? Absurd.

Do we, through hard work, increase our odds of success? Certainly. Should we do everything we can to prepare for the “game”? Definitely.

But do we deserve success? Is it a right? No. Success is never guaranteed. No matter how hard you prepare, or how good you are, you will still fail.

And when you fail, you can choose to complain about how hard you worked and how much you deserve it. Or you can wake up the next day and get back to work.


“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”.

– Thomas Jefferson