Help Wanted

99% of all commercials we see on television are direct to consumer sales or promotions. We’re sold everything from luxury cars to razors, but it’s very rare to see any commercial that doesn’t end with a price tag.

While so called “Brand Building” ads are rare, they do happen. The P&G “Thank You, Mom.” campaign and many others come to mind. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a help wanted ad on national television.

That changed last week.

84 Lumber has had a history of controversial ads, including this one at the Super Bowl in February. It takes a lot of guts as a company to follow that up with a help wanted ad connecting the dots between Mars astronauts and lumber store managers.

But it also sends a strong signal about the type of people you want working at your company.

Well done.

It takes ambition, a can-do attitude, and a lot of moxie to be chosen for one of the most coveted positions in the universe. Runners up, we invite you to apply to our management training program at 84 Lumber.


Extra Credit.