Here’s our Secret Sauce

McDonald’s Big Mac sauce is delivered to restaurants in pre-sealed containers, and not even employees know what the actual ingredients are.

Despite their dog Duke’s best efforts to sell it, Bush’s Baked Beans attributes their success to a secret family recipe, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Coke-a-Cola’s secret recipe famously sits in a vault below their corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

And then I got this email from Chick-fil-A last week…

“You can now make our famous sandwich at home…” “Somebody copied our recipe…” “Here it is.”

“The Closed-On-Sunday Chicken Sandwich.”

Whoa. That’s new!

When did companies start giving away their competitive advantage in their own marketing emails?

Of course, Chick-fil-A has never staked their business on a secret ingredient (it’s the pickle.) A big smile, Second-Mile Service and a genuine, “My pleasure,” are more representative of their competitive advantage.

In fact, they’re confident enough to say: “Here, go make it at home if you want to. Here’s a famous chef who copied our recipe. Try it! Oh, … and we’ll have your milkshake waiting for you tomorrow.”