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As we reset our calendars and buy new gym memberships, I’m excited to release a new website redesigned from the ground up! I’ve been working on several improvements for over 5 months so I’m excited to finally share new content on a totally redesigned site. I’m also publishing a new eBook exclusively for email subscribers! Keep reading to learn more about “&: Embracing 15 Tensions Every Young Christian Faces” and how to get an advance copy.

Fresh Content

For this release, I’ve gone back to convert and rewrite over 140 posts and then organize them in three new categories about Faith, Work, and what happens when the two collide. Wondering where to start? Here are some of my favorites!

A Redesigned Experience

My blog has floated in the muddy waters of iWeb for years. Along with new content, I’m switching the platform of my site over to WordPress. This move is long overdue. While this will save me about 30-45 minutes per post in upload time, you will also notice a significant increase in speed and a simpler, more responsive user interface.

And An Exclusive New eBook

& explores 15 unique tensions every young Christian faces in life today. From work & worship to lead & serve, we too often see these tensions as opposite ends of a scale. Like a seesaw, if we put too much weight on one side, we get out of balance. The challenge facing Christians today is not to decide between God’s will or my passion. Between urgent or important. Between faith or work. Our challenge is to embrace both! Through practical examples and inspiring truths, & Embracing 15 Tensions Every Young Christian Faces, challenges a new generation to embrace, not avoid, these tensions because the tension is good.

Help me welcome the new year with fresh content, a responsive user interface, and a new eBook. Enjoy! homepage pic v2