The Lie of Ty

When we were moving out of our apartment this spring we decided to get rid of some of my old PlayStation 2 games (circa 2000). Many of them were worthless but a few of them sold for good money and a couple sold for more than they we bought them for! Which, of course, reminded […]

A Priority

“What are your top three priorities for today?” the boss asks. Emails, meetings, and moving that stuck project forward all dance through our head. But we rarely stop to think that having many priorities is somewhat of an oxymoron. How can everything be the most important? The English word came from Old French “priorite”, which […]

Count The Cost

I’m working on building a picnic table and benches for our patio, hopefully in time for some summer cookouts this year. I cobbled together ideas from the internet, put together a design, and picked out the wood. The more I get into it, the more I realize how much work is involved. Measuring, cutting, sanding, […]


In February 1914, a massive British and French fleet appears off the coast of Istanbul (Constantinople). Sitting between Europe and Asia at the entrance to the narrow Strait of Bosporus, it’s one of the most strategically important locations in the world. Whoever controls the strait controls access to the Black Sea – and all of […]

Inspiration Strikes

In a world more and more free from the rigid timetables of the industrial revolution, work motivation has become a hot topic of business researchers. If you worked in a factory at the turn of the century, it didn’t matter much how internally motivated you were to work. You show up, you stand in your […]

Real Grass

In 2017, the city with the world’s busiest airport finally has a professional team playing the world’s favorite sport. Atlanta United has started off their inaugural season with an impressive 2-1 record and a conference-leading 11 goals. And as soon as you get near the stadium you can smell it. Real grass. Freshly cut, precisely […]

Five Frogs

There are five frogs on a log, the old riddle goes. One of them decides to jump! How many frogs are left on the log? Five. Because deciding to jump is not the same thing as jumping.   Extra Credit.

Three Rings

Katie and I went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus last weekend and I was reminded of why they call it a three-ring circus. The idea is to have three rings of simultaneous action. The fire-breathers in ring one, the human cannonball in ring three and the lion-tamer stealing the show in […]

Procrastination 3.0

I’ve started to pay more attention to the fact that some projects in my life get done quickly while others linger. I internally prioritize some projects to the top of the list while others keep me dragging my feet. Do you have any ongoing projects like that in your life? That assignment in school, idea […]

Coin Flip

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, I heard a lot of white noise in Atlanta about the unfairness of NFL overtime rules. A lot of us are more familiar with college football, where each team a chance from the 25-yard line. If we’re still tied after one round, everyone gets another shot until someone comes out […]