Three Rings

Katie and I went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus last weekend and I was reminded of why they call it a three-ring circus. The idea is to have three rings of simultaneous action. The fire-breathers in ring one, the human cannonball in ring three and the lion-tamer stealing the show in […]

Procrastination 3.0

I’ve started to pay more attention to the fact that some projects in my life get done quickly while others linger. I internally prioritize some projects to the top of the list while others keep me dragging my feet. Do you have any ongoing projects like that in your life? That assignment in school, idea […]

Coin Flip

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, I heard a lot of white noise in Atlanta about the unfairness of NFL overtime rules. A lot of us are more familiar with college football, where each team a chance from the 25-yard line. If we’re still tied after one round, everyone gets another shot until someone comes out […]

Stack The Team

A month ago my company hosted its annual volleyball tournament to celebrate the end of the year. (A weird tradition, I know…) Our Founder and President quickly handpicked his team from the best volleyball players in the company. The same four players that had won the championship a year earlier. Cries of foul play abounded […]

Mongolia’s Got Talent

In case you missed a recent episode of Mongolia’s Got Talent (or didn’t know the show existed), I’ve got you covered. On this semifinal show last season, Canion Shijirbat performs to what I’m sure is a hit Mongolian pop song… His art is a phenomenal combination of physical, human dance and computer graphic animation. A […]

The Adams Administration

If you’ve been lucky enough to score tickets to Hamilton (I envy you), or have listened to the soundtrack fifty times (welcome to the club), you’ll recognize the title of this post. How does Hamilton the short-tempered Protean creator of the Coast Guard Founder of the New York Post, Ardently abuse his cabinet post, Destroy […]

Brown Cars

At the turn of the New Year I often reflect on what I’m thankful for and one thing that comes to mind for me is ugly old brown cars. Why, you ask? The story starts in 2nd grade… Apparently when I was in elementary school I used to give my mother a hard time about […]

On The New Year’s (National) Debt

Saving more and spending less is a New Year’s resolution tradition in America. In 2017, it’s the fastest growing commitment according to NBC News. But like our new gym memberships, by February we’re right back where we started. Not that our government is setting a great example for us to follow… America’s national debt has […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you all had the opportunity to smile, laugh, and over-eat with friends and family this weekend. I’ll wrap up Christmas with this message from President Reagan’s first Christmas Address in 1981: On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ with prayer, feasting, and great merriment. But, most […]

Three Percent

As we finish Christmas shopping and make New Year’s plans, let’s not forget about the three percent. That’s 12 days left in 2016. 3% of the year. Still enough time to try something new. To kick an old habit or form a new one. Don’t waste this three percent. By all means, plan ahead for […]