This week we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a short case study on perspective.

If you watched the controversial ending to the Falcons vs Lions game yesterday, you probably already know where I’m going with this.

The Lions are driving with less than two minutes to go. Down by four, a touchdown wins it for them. With eight seconds to go, Matt Stafford (go Dawgs!) throws a laser pass to Golden Tate for an apparent touchdown.

It’s ruled that way on the field, but after further review the refs determine his knee was down with the ball just short of the goal line. By rule there’s a 10 second runoff so the offense doesn’t get a free timeout from the incorrect call. With only eight seconds left, the game is over.

A stunning and rightfully frustrating defeat for the Lions and a go-buy-a-lottery-ticket lucky win for the Falcons.

I won’t get in to the argument about who was right in this post, instead I want to comment on what I saw online after the game.

On all the Falcons’ blogs and across Twitter, this was the screenshot I saw. His knee looks down.

Yet go over to Detroit and you’ll see this screenshot with fans passionately arguing for a touchdown.

Same play, different outcomes. Right?

These two screenshots are from the same video, just taken at different times. See the whole thing for yourself.

Perspective changes everything…


Extra Credit.