Recommended Books

I love to read.

Always have. (Except for a brief period in middle school. But what did you expect, it was middle school!) Anyway…

Because of that, people often ask me, “What book do you recommend?”

That’s tough. What type of book do you normally like? Some people love the business books I read while others (the majority) think they’re really nerdy! So I’ve collected some of my favorites in various categories on this page.

Just click on an interesting cover to get started! 


visioneering    memyselfandbob     warofart


Faith & Work 

everygoodendeavor     justdosomething     


Business & Marketing

greatbychoice     advantage     entreleadership     quitter     madetostick     gettingthingsdone


God & Grace

merechristianity     enemiesoftheheart     wildatheart     principleofthepath     fourloves