That’s The Day

I keep a folder of saved quotes and speeches on my computer and last week I rediscovered this from Passion City Church pastor Louie Giglio, originally posted on Instagram. It beautifully interweaves this millennial need for meaning and purpose with a timeless message of moment-by-moment faithfulness. 

Get ready.

For young leaders… A day is coming when everything changes. That day is the day your dreams become reality and the baby conceived by God’s vision in you is born.

That day is the first day it’s YOUR meeting. Your idea. Yours to steward and carry.

It will be your turn to paint the picture, raise the flag, create the storyline, galvanize the team. You will have the privilege of leading and the accompanying burden of carrying the weight.

You will feel the sting of the critics, yet breathe in the deep wonder of seeing God come through. You’ll experience the joy of watching others rise into their full potential while tapping into yours.

You’ll find you can’t put a divine calling in a drawer at night. You’ll have ideas in the shower and in your sleep. At all manner of times in all kinds of places (not just an 8-5) your thoughts will drift to the mantle and the mission resting on you.

Because vision has a short shelf life so you you’ll find yourself telling the story over and over again.

You will inspire the troops, rally the crew, lift the weary, point the way, realign the drifter, recruit new visionaries, defend the tribe, take the hill, keep the faith, finish the race.

You will languish long in prayer, labor in love, live in hope. And, in testing seasons, remain captivated by the fire that is burning up your bones.

At some point it won’t just be “another meeting,” but yours… not their idea, but yours.

That’s the day it’s all going to change. And that’s the day you will want to have soaked up every ounce of wisdom and experience from the grit and grind of today. That’s the day you will want character and faith forged in the furnace of faithfulness. That’s the day you will want to have absorbed all the creativity and leadership skill from those you are watching now.

That’s the day you will soar into the depths of leadership and know the joy of sacrifice.

That’s the day you will walk in your destiny and break the dam of goodness for generations to come.

Pay close attention. Learn well. Grow strong. Everything’s changing soon.

Wow. You have something to contribute to the world? Good. A day is coming soon where you’ll share it loud and proud. We’ll all be cheering you on.

That day the world applauds your work has its purpose. So does this day. Because this is the day that makes it all possible. This day is for “soaking up every ounce of wisdom and experience from the grit and grind”.

Pay attention today.

Learn. Grow.

Everything’s changing soon…


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